All Women Country Band for House Concerts and Parties

Our all-woman country band plays country favourites with a twist. People love to dance and sing along. We’d love to play your straight or same-sex wedding, celebration or house concert.  Give us a call for cost and any questions you have.

Here’s what we need to make it work:

Space: A space big enough for four people to stand, holding a guitar or similar, roughly side-by side. For a house concert, we can bring our own amps for a living room or similar

If it is a hall or large outdoor space, we’ll need space to put speakers and a small table for sound board.  Electricity to power the equipment.  We can bring sound equipment, but will need to arrange for a sound technician or someone able to run the sound board.  A big living room, or a back yard deck will often work, and most halls or restaurants you might rent for an event will work.

Help with tickets: If you want to sell tickets to your event, we can give you some advice and help to make that work, and can promote it to our fans as well.

Travel: if we need to travel to you, we will need a place to stay and gas / ferry expenses in addition to whatever we negotiate in performer fees.

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