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Fall Bush Newsletter

Fall Bush Newsletter

When is your next gig?

Bushy Park in Maclean Park

Bushy Park will be performing, weather permitting, on September 23rd at 7 pm in Maclean Park in Vancouver- 710 Keefer Street  as part of the Maclean Park Music Series. Free of charge, although donations are appreciated. Seating is on the grass. Bring a picnic and chill with the dykes.

Want to see us near you?

Spread the word and forward this email to your contacts. It’s a small small world. If you have a space with lots of ventilation and the ability to physically distance, let’s talk.  Booking and contact information is on our site at

Pandemics make performing and rehearsing…. inconvenient.

We are currently rehearsing outdoors, not sure what we’ll do as the weather gets colder. If anyone in East Van has a big empty carport we could rehearse in, and let us run an extension cord to power we could rehearse in on rainy days, we’d be very happy to oblige you with a yard concert.

We are booking for next summer too, so if you know of any festivals that might want to have an all woman gender flipping country fun time, hook us up! Here’s our info for Pride bookings.

Bushy Park’s Pop Up Pride

The Full Bush
The Full Bush – Busy Park after our Pride Popup Concert August 2020 Left-right: Elizabeth Dunn, Sophia Kelly, Marg Scott, Shannon Ingersoll

Bushy Park did a pop-up pride concert on Sunday August 2nd at Trout Lake – A fun, socially distanced time was had by all. Here are some photos and reviews we got from our small friendly crowd.

“Love the grass roots festivities popping up for celebrating Pride during a pandemic. There’s a spontaneity and an authenticity to it that I didn’t even realize had been missing for me. Here’s t

August Pop Up Pride at Trout Lake with Bushy Park music

– Callum David Pengelly


o queers just doing whatever they’re moved to do, wherever they can do it. Like dandelion seeds, we’re floating around folks who might not usually be touched. Great job” Bushy Park Music! #COVID19 – Monica Meneghetti

“Small covid friendly Pride concert in the park? Yes please! Thanks B

ushy Park for making Pride such a fun experience in such a difficult time ” 

We want to do it next year!

Pandemic or no pandemic, we want to have a down home Pride Concert in the Park in 2021, by the queers and for the queers.  Audience member ideas for next time included line dance lessons and southern cuisine bbq. We are so into it.

Country Music Feminism – Black Lives Matter

Dolly Parton supports Black Lives Matter in Billboard Magazine article. We agree, Dolly!

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