Bushy Park does classic country songs with a twist. Sometimes we gender swap the lyrics, sometimes we perform a song ‘straight’  whose meaning changes when sung by a woman. Some examples include Big boned gal, Boot scootin boogie, Girl crush, Mean, Jolene (respectful parody), Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowgirls, Grandma was a carpenter,  Big Yvonne.  All are happy, fun sing-along favourites with a twist.


2020 half hour performance. This fan produced video is from a show we did at a dance in February 2020.

Lady Jane

This is one of our signature songs and an original – Lady Jane – the ‘Pride Version’, which while it has no explicit lyrics, has some suggestive sounds that I’m told the sign language interpreter sometimes has a hard time conveying… There is also a less overt version for straighter settings. My friends with young children told me their kids had no idea what it was about. Really.

Boot Scootin Boogie

The footage for this one is split over two videos taken at the Vancouver Dyke March in August 2019

Girl Crush

Some sound quality issues with this video, but also a crowd favourite. 2019 Dyke March


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